Tech Imperatives for biotech and manufacturing – Report 2022

How will life science companies harness cloud & digital solutions in 2022?

The exponential growth of digitalization, automation, and AI are fuelling a new wave of biotech and manufacturing innovation. This will result in breakthrough products and technologies that fight diseases, improve our health, provide more sustainable food production and tackle global challenges like cleaning pollution.

However, on the journey to fulfill this vision, business leaders need solid digital partners. That’s why engineers, IT architects, and developers have to become literate in biotech and manufacturing science in order to understand the fundamental shifts underway and seize the vast opportunities. And what’s more – biotechnologists need to build digital technologies awareness in their ecosystem.

Tech imperatives for biotech and manufacturing Report

This report is intended to explore the sectors’ challenges and drivers related to digital transformation. It also identifies different scenarios for stakeholders to progress towards continuous bioprocessing.

In the report, you will find:

  • Insights from industry leaders 
  • 4 Common opportunities for biotech and manufacturing like modular & plug-n-play solutions
  • 4 biggest tech challenges 
  • 4 competitive advantages 
  • Roadmap for the facility of the future 

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