Security and Compliance

Risk & Compliance assesment

Each and every single business must comply with legal regulations. Our Security & Compliance experts make sure that the IT systems used by the company or the innovations it implements operate within the framework of applicable legal regulations, without exposing companies to potential risks.

Technology Risk Assesment

As the world progresses, so does a technology and related tools. As we are oriented towards new technologies it’s not a problem for us to investigate which software or hardware carries much threats into your business. As the technologies change frequently it’s important to have the assesment on regular basis. Knowing which IT components should be retired can prevent security incidents, cyberattacks or service outages.

Security Maturity Assesment

The result of Security Maturity Assesment is important to every company as it clearly indicates the areas that needs to be impoved in order to minimize the probability of the security incident happening. Not only it’s done for your company but it also contains comparison to another enterprises in the market. We will provide you with clear instructions of what needs to be done in order to maximize your security level.

Case Studies

See yourself how have we helped organizations strengthen their Security & Compliance area.