Research and development
- PoT, PoC

Validate your ideas through rapid prototyping and testing.

In the simplest terms, R&D means combining your ideas and our knowledge. How? You can innovate your current offer, or find totally new solutions with us. We explore and experiment with new technologies, searching for new creative ideas that we can apply to your business needs.



Translate your business concept into working tech solutions.

In biotech and manufacturing, even the most revolutionary idea needs a prototyping phase and solid tech foundations to develop it into reality.


Improve products

Solve current challenges by rapid and efficient prototyping of software and hardware


Speed up production

Harness the newest technologies and make all R&D processes faster than ever.


New expansion areas

Discover and explore new areas of the biotech and pharma industries.


Maintenance workflow

Avoid downtimes, automate and optimize the overview of services & hardware.


Manufacturing Yield

Identify challenges and solve them to increase production.



We accelerate engineering and innovative R&D across manufacturing, healthcare, biotech, and pharma.

The iteration process helps us constantly improve solutions and products before the implementation process begins. That's why our engineers apply a 3 area prototyping approach by confirming the feasibility of the concept, the viability of the technology and the business value of the idea.

Design & Prototyping

Design & Prototyping

  • Modeling features and processes
  • Verifying technologies
  • Testing usability
  • Providing life and value confirmation
  • Delivering E2E workable prototypes
Software and hardware development

Software and hardware development

  • Setting up software and hardware
Scaling up


  • Accelerating from pilot to final production
  • Building Industry-specific digital platforms that enhance new business models
  • Managing final solution, installation and service



Beat the odds and deliver innovations with a team who know how to respond to your needs and goals. Our clients value our knowledge of manufacturing, biotech, and biopharma market trends and dynamics.

Technology solutions

Technology solutions
We provide a broad range of technology solutions such as AI, ML, IoT, electronic, robotics processes, Automation (RPA), Cloud, Big Data, and more


We are proud of our high level of communication skills covering technical, managerial, and executive levels

Deep industry expertise

Extensive industry expertise
We’re focused on biotech, pharma, and manufacturing. Yes, we understand regulations, compliance & production processes

Agile approach

Agile approach
The iteration process helps us constantly improve solutions and products
before and after the implementation process

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