Lab Digitalization

Discover the power of laboratory digitalization to transform processes and increase efficiency in various fields, raising the bar for innovation. We will deliver lab digitalization within 12 weeks.

Retrofitting laboratory equipment for digitalization is revolutionizing scientific environments. By seamlessly integrating various data sources into a single visualization platform, this process lays the groundwork for enhanced efficiency and accessibility. Automation of routine tasks and centralized data management elevate accuracy and streamline operations. Continuous enhancements in training, remote access, and collaboration keep labs compliant and poised for innovation, empowering them to navigate challenges with agility and precision.



Lab Digitalization impacts every facet of your laboratory's operations:

Transforming your laboratory through digitalization not only streamlines operations but also opens up new avenues for growth and development within your organization. The primary benefit of embracing lab digitalization is the optimization of your laboratory’s workflows and the creation of novel opportunities for research and development.


Enhance operational agility

Optimize processes, improve efficiency, and innovate processes and products using digital automations and simulations.


Accelerate product development

Innovate faster, test ideas virtually, and bring better products to market quickly through data-driven insights.


Maximize operational efficiency

Automate processes, reduce costs, and improve products performance with simulations, monitoring and digital tests.



Our digitalization solutions for laboratories aim to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of research and development by creating a digital environment that fosters innovation.

We strive to lower barriers to interoperability, data sharing, and collaboration by establishing data governance and creating common platforms. Prioritizing the digital transformation process, we reduce business and technical risks and employ agile methodologies to adapt to evolving requirements. Additionally, our efforts support sustainability goals by optimizing equipment usage, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Improving the efficiency & effectiveness of R&D

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of R&D

By creating a digital environment that fosters innovation, accelerates R&D timelines, and improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their research and development initiatives. Enhancing R&D efficiency through digitalization significantly increases ROI by accelerating product development and market entry, leading to cost savings and higher profit margins.

Lowering barriers to interoperability, data sharing & collaboration

Lowering barriers to interoperability, data sharing & collaboration

By establishing data governance, Implementation of interoperable technologies, creation of common data models and collaborative platforms. Digitalization reduce IT expenses and resource consumption by eliminating redundant systems and facilitating seamless data integration.

Prioritizing the Digital Transformation Process

Prioritizing the Digital Transformation Process

Over technological complexity and delivery process.

Limiting Business & Technical Risk

Limiting Business and Technical Risk

By introducing strategic, tactical, and quick wins perspectives. Our service minimizes operational and technical risks by automating tasks and improving accuracy in laboratory operations, thus reducing manual errors and enhancing lab security and efficiency.

Agile Development Approach

Agile Development Approach

Implementing a flexible and iterative delivery strategy that adapts to evolving engineering requirements, enabling efficient and responsive support for control systems.

Aiming for sustainability goals

Aiming for Sustainability Goals

By retrofitting existing equipment and systematically measuring equipment utilization

Our expertise

Visualisation<br/> and analytics_icon
and analytics


Monitoring<br> and Alerting_icon
and Alerting







Python, JavaScript, CODESYS



Harness the full potential of your lab

Transform your laboratory into a hub of scientific excellence with our comprehensive digitalization initiative. We'll elevate your operations through meticulous analysis and customized strategies, aligning them with cutting-edge technological advancements.

Our approach to lab digitalization is holistic, focusing on four core steps
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Week 1-2

Immersive Assessment

  • Digital maturity level assessment (optional)
  • Defining, organizing, and confirming work plans for the workstream
  • Collecting, analyzing, and summarizing documents and requirements related to the workstream
  • Preparing high-level design for the implementation
  • Visit on site (optional)
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Week 3-6

Digital Foundation

  • Translation of technology needs from assessment to real steps for lab connectivity
  • Hardware and Software architecture vision design
  • Introducing new network infrastructure, Configuration network across lab & cloud
  • Hardware and Software data source integration and data acquisition
  • Data enrichment and shaping
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Week 7-10

Data Visibility & Collaboration

  • Data aggregation
  • Implementation of data monitoring dashboards (HMI) for standard process visibility
  • Set up remote access, enabling alarms and notifications
  • Access to the most crucial process data analytics
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Week 11-12

Dry Run and Support

  • Dry RUN preparation & execution
  • Workshop introduction on managing technological change for the laboratory team
  • 24/7 tech support (dry run period)
Strong technical and consultation skills

Strong technical and consultation skills

Deep understanding of Digitalization process

Deep understanding of Digitalization process

Broad coverage of technology solutions used in Digitalization environments such as Cloud, IoT, Big Data, and more

Broad coverage of technology solutions used in Digitalization environments such as Cloud, IoT, Big Data, and more.

Ability to analyze, develop and automate business processes to deliver solutions

Ability to analyze, develop and automate business processes to deliver solutions

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