End-2-end VR/AR solutions

Increase production efficiency and improve quality control with dedicated VR/AR solutions

AR and VR, from the very beginning, are far more just entertainment curiosity. As a vital part of Industry 4.0, AR/VR solutions revolutionize all industries, biotechnology, production, and manufacturing sectors. Being a part of this conscious exploration of a still new area is our most considerable pride. By working together, incorporating the latest technologies and interactive training, we implement our achievements into valuable solutions for your company. We support companies in their efforts to create safe and efficient production. By applying VR/AR solutions, companies are capable of streamlining all operations - team and project management, onboarding, remote work, audits, acceleration of production, and last but not least, quality control.



AR and VR solutions are the best tools to build an efficient, safe workplace.

Thanks to our End-2-End services, your company can create and implement a modernization plan.

Innovative ways of working based on balanced digital transformation covering technology, processes, organization and the culture domains.


Lower Risk of Human Error

Give your employees access to every crucial data, information on how to solve problems, and which further steps they should take.


Faster training and onboarding

Let new employees onboard and train in an efficient but not overwhelming way.


Ensured Production Continuity

Stabilize workflow, prevent downtimes, and speed up actions with remote and AR/VR guidance.


Higher Production Quality

With any data, analyses, or advice, you can absorb information faster and make decisions. Relieved from the burden of controlling and total liability, put effort into quality and improvement.


Get real-life Data Access

Let AR/VR analyze and provide data to all stakeholders in real-time.



Have a quick access to AR/VR solutions on every step of development.

  • Give your company remote access to the production floor
  • Train employees without buying extensive equipment
  • AR/VR improve culture, collaboration, competency and leadership

Advisory & Consulting Service

Advisory & Consulting Service

Validating feasibility to get customized solutions and recommendations for your business.

AR/VR Prototyping

AR/VR Prototyping

Dedicated outcomes by rapid design and prototyping.

Design and Development

Design & Development

Ready-to-use AR/VR applications customized to your needs and demands.

Integration and Training

Integration & Training

Complex software & hardware integration with enterprise (ERP, MES, BI) systems, and AR/VR solution



Achieve your goals with the bespoke IT architects and business advisors.

Strong experience in AR/VR technology and in enterprise system integration (ERP, MES, BI) End 2 end solutions - from factory floor to director office. We offer an integrated environment, not a separate technology.

Market trends and dynamics

Deep understanding of overall manufacturing, biotech and biopharma market trends and dynamics

Technology solutions

Broad coverage of technology solutions such as AI, ML, IoT, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cloud, Big Data and more

Strong facilitation and consultation skills

Strong facilitation and consultation skills

Very high communication skills

Very high communication skills covering technical, managerial and executive levels

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