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Implement future-ready solutions with the cloud

Before 2022 ends, 83% of enterprises’ workload will be in the cloud. There is no doubt cloud computing will soon form the underlying framework for Industry 4.0 and 5.0. Biotech and manufacturing companies are already leveraging the cloud to drive innovation, transform operations, and implement new business models.



Cloud solutions are created to move your data and workload to the cloud smoothly and securely - at your pace.


Increase Data Connectivity & Collaboration

Connect satellite research centers, offices, and facilities. Transfer data in the blink of an eye. Integrate apps with the company’s digital core and custom-built solutions.


Improve Flexibility & Scalability

Scale cloud infrastructure solutions quickly to ensure the same level of detail and security. Adapt the number of users, transfer data, data storage, and cloud service leverage to changing needs.


Reinforce Security

Harness cloud security certificated solutions to empower and fulfill both internal and external security standards. Exchange sensitive data with regulatory authorities safely.


Enhance support access & cost efficiency

Benefit from the reliability of fast and effective customer & technical support.


Bypass hardware requirements

Bypass vendor-specific hardware costs, server setups for data storage, hardware & network maintenance.



Build a scalable tech backbone to support your internal solutions and enable external ecosystem contribution.

Create a digital environment for your company with A4BEE’s tailored end-2-end solutions. Whether you need cloud-native or hybrid cloud architecture, create services on top of platforms, or connect solutions with other software - A4BEE makes it as smooth and easy for you as it can be.

Cloud Strategy and Architecture

Cloud Strategy & Architecture

  • Cloud technology strategy & roadmap
  • Solution requirements design & documentation
  • Solution architecture design & documentation
  • Cloud resilience strategy & architecture
Solution Development

Solution Development

  • Interface design & documentation
  • Data engineering
  • Infrastructure optimization & automation
  • Test strategy & execution
System support

System support

  • API and system integration
  • CI/CD deployment and automation
  • Security and assurance
  • GoLive Support/Hyper care
  • Solution maintenance & support
  • Fast scrum teams onboarding and synergy assurance



Achieve your goals with bespoke IT architects and business advisors.

Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise in various technology stacks make us a trustworthy partner for digital projects involving data, AI/ML, IoT, AR/VR, and emerging technologies.


We provide end-2-end services, from business requirements to development and implementation

Cloud Experts

Cloud experts
Our team consists of certified cloud experts (AWS, Azure)

Regulated Industries Expertise

Regulated Industries Expertise
Our experts have substantial practical experience in the successful delivery of cloud-native and hybrid cloud solutions - Highly Regulated Industries such as biotech, biopharma, and manufacturing

Profound security

Profound security
Thanks to specific industry knowledge and high security standards, we ensure that your data and your customers’ data are strictly protected


The highly advanced communication skills of our experts cover technical, managerial, and executive levels

Solid UX/UI Skills

Solid UX/UI Skills
A4BEE includes our UX/UI team in the platform development process to ensure a seamless UX across all customer touchpoints


We offer broad coverage of technology solutions such as AI, ML, IoT, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Cloud, Big Data, and more

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