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digital transformation
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Digital Transformation Strategy / Cloud / Automation / Digital Twin / IoT
Long-lasting partnership


millions in potential revenue


new devices prototypes


digital transformation program



Our client is a leading multinational science and technology company. The organization operates across healthcare, life science, performance materials, pharmaceutical, and chemical.



To become a leader in Facility of the Future offering, our client is committed to reimagine end-2-end bioprocessing as the confluence of Process, Process Analytics and Digital technologies. To address this goal the company decided to establish a “Bioprocess digitalization program” and was on the lookout for a long-lasting tech partner.



How to bridge tech gap in the biotech sector
  1. How to address legacy solutions challenges: old technology, lack of flexibility, slow pace of improvements/innovation, high maintenance costs

  2. How to transform from biotech equipment manufacturer to biotech digital leader

  3. How to design an end-to-end digital strategy supporting existing and new products for the biotech sector

  4. How to build digital-native teams equipped with business and technical knowledge



Embracing digital transformation in bioprocessing

To tackle the challenge of driving a bioprocess digitalization program, our experts put a lot of effort into examining the technology landscape, company culture and business processes. Deep knowledge about the company enable us to look for solutions that are best suited for the organization's expectations.

We have supported our client with a holistic approach towards Digital Transformation, including
  • Digital Strategy Envisioning and Definition
  • Market research and competitive analysis
  • Multiple business cases for digital products, services, and platforms
  • Enterprise architecture for the entire digital transformation program
  • The Specific technical architecture for platforms and products
  • Consulting, architectural, and development support
  • CI/CD services spanning across OT and IT environments
  • Extensive hardware, software & service prototyping and R&D services

Productizing and scaling digital innovation

Additionally, we have successfully delivered 30+ technology-driven projects and PoCs, including
  • Digital Lab Concept
  • Voice and AR assistants for Lab environment
  • Blockchain Strategy for Biopharma Supply Chain
  • Electronic Batch Record based on blockchain
  • Cloud Strategy as a part of the Facility of The Future concept
  • Data Lake for Biopharma Manufacturing
  • Digital Marketplace for Life Science
  • AI Strategy in Facility of The Future

Move to an agile way of working while staying compliant

Alongside exceptional development implementation, we also extended clients’ capabilities to fill crucial gaps and enhance the project security. We empower the organization to tackle security challenges with a business-driven approach that lets it meet regulatory requirements, mitigate risks, increase stakeholder confidence and improve the program’s reputation.

During our long lasting relationship we empower the Customer to change their innovation mindset. From isolated digitization efforts and perception that innovation is an engineering problem to synchronized, coordinated efforts across all manufacturing sites and business units.

Łukasz Paciorkowski

Chief Strategy Officer

Technology used

OT (PLC) Embedded On-prem Cloud IoT AI/ML VR/AR Blockchain Digital Twin Platform Analytics Automation



Delivering meaningful solutions is always the end goal when we work with a client. After our initial cooperation, we worked on 30+ projects and Proof Of Concepts. As a results our client was able to:
  • Became a leader in Facility of the Future offering
  • Empower researchers with machine intelligence
  • Build interoperable research ecosystem
  • Break down research barriers


millions in potential revenue


new devices prototypes


digital transformation program

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