Developing modular
& scalable cloud platform
for precision medicine


Life Sciences


Cloud / AR / Data Integration / Compliance / Security / DevOps / UX


6m for design and deployment of first release + agile deployment of additional capabilities

  • 70%

    manual steps removed

  • 80%

    platform reusability for new product development

  • 2x

    faster development of industrial apps



The client is an American life science corporation that supports precision medicine and clinical diagnostics, and boosts research by providing ultra-sensitive biomarker detection solutions. The company’s blood analyser solutions enable scientists to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the area of preventive health.



The exponential growth of digitalization, automation, and AI are fuelling a new wave of the biotech industry. To blaze this trail, our client wanted to reimagine and rebuild its blood analysis solution. To address this goal, our client wanted to create a flexible digital platform that expands an existing device’s capabilities with cloud-based features.



Extending digital capabilities to fill crucial engineering, data, and security gaps

  1. The need of a new business model for digital services

  2. Complex data processing needs

  3. High security requirements for sensitive data processing

  4. Data segregation and privacy for research and commercial diagnostic customers

  5. Modular design for cloud platform supporting flexible single-tenant deployments

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Flexible cloud solutions

The tailored Unified Digital Platform for the entire product portfolio addresses all parts of modern, distributed, flexible, and scalable systems. It also covers industrial automation, embedded, IoT, analytics/BigData, AI and AR/VR concepts, and is designed from the ground up with security and compliance in mind.

We’ve divided our agile development approach into 5 modules:

  • Platform strategy and architecture preparation
  • Platform module development
  • Augmented reality app development
  • Security and assurance
  • LIMS/MES Data integration and consolidation

Tech Innovation Adaptation across the organization

As well as implementing tech solutions, our change management experts supported the establishment & onboarding of IT/Digital inside teams and creation of digital capability maps for the entire organization.

Łukasz Paciorkowski

When it comes to projects for regulated markets, the crucial thing is to have security and compliance on your radar. Thanks to this approach we were able to deliver a modular cloud-based platform and accelerate time-to-market for business services. At the same time we met our client’s demands and the increasing regulatory requirements.

Łukasz Paciorkowski

Board Member

Technology used

Embedded systems Networking Cloud Robotics Microservices Serverless AR IaaC GxP Compliance Security UX



Our connected digital platform lets our client improve its process and decrease time-to-market for end customers. As the outcome of our partnership, the new Unified Digital Platform allowed our client to:

  • Implement a unified tech platform and achieve 80% code base reusability across the product portfolio
  • Introduce digital data processing capabilities
  • Eliminate 70% of manual actions
  • Design a modular digital platform accelerating the creation of new application development x2
  • Lower operational costs for IT and Digital
  • 70%

    manual steps removed

  • 80%

    platform reusability for new product development

  • 2x

    faster development of industrial apps

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