Accelerating bioprocesses
thanks to intuitive
User Interface

Life Science
User Research / Human Machine Interface / Usability Testing / Development
4-12 weeks


ready intuitive and safe HMI


approx. fewer potential errors



The client is a leading, global biotechnology company. The organization operates across the healthcare, life science, performance materials, pharmaceutical, and chemical fields.



To improve the efficiency of drug development and reduce manual errors, our client is committed to reimagining bioprocesses and lab equipment.To address this goal, the company decided to build a new, unprecedented device for the cell culture process.



Harnessing the UX/UI of lab equipment to eliminate manual mistakes and reduce production time
  1. Icon of intuitive Human-Machine Interface

    How to create intuitive HMI that responds to the needs of non-tech savvy users

  2. Icon of interface with easy access for laboratory experts

    How to design an interface with easy access for laboratory experts

  3. Icon of balance between customisation and automatisation

    How to strike a balance between customization and automatization of the process

  4. Icon of innovation

    How to create UI that accelerate innovation



A combination of user research, the experience of industrial UI designers, and an agile approach with rapid pivots lets us respond to client goals.

We have known from the very beginning that our research process could impact the whole product. That’s why we worked closely with both the client’s R&D and our A4BEE’s development team.

Together with the client, we are creating a project that is inherently focused on discovering, understanding and responding to user requests, as well as adapting to the BioTech process. The dynamic R&D environment is a challenge, but it is also a space for experimenting, trying and facing the hard decisions of the project - At the end there is the user, the lab technician - He must get a product that will meet his expectations and provide him with the most convenient way to perform his meaningful work.

Tytus Gruszczyński

Lead UI Designer

Approach and methods

In-depth Interviews Observatory Studies User Personas User Flows Wireframes Figma Prototypes Product UI Usability testing GxP Compliance Security UX



As a main outcome our team delivered top-notch HMI that enabled safe and secure process management.

Thanks to the UX research conducted during the project, our client not only received an intuitive UI, but was also able to improve the product itself. After grasping the scientists' previously unidentified needs, we introduced an automated system with a user-friendly interface developed to prevent potential errors when using the remote system from the tablet.
  • Fewer manual errors thank to intuitive UI
  • Implement a flexible, automated and scalable system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Positive user experience = more efficient scientists
  • Reduced need for training and user support


ready intuitive and safe HMI


approx. fewer potential errors

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