Welcome to our Warsaw hive!

May 11, 2021 | News

Our #tech_hive grows stronger, not only with new bees, but also with new locations.
Welcome to our Warsaw hive! We were also in the capital city before, but you could only find us in a coworking space. In Wrocław, we have had our own A4BEE lab from the very beginning, but over time our Warsaw team has been growing faster and faster, so providing private space for our bees was just a matter of time.

Our new office gives us a feeling of being at home, and who doesn’t like to feel at home? In addition to a more cozy feeling, the new space is much more quiet and peaceful, and therefore more convenient for us to create better solutions – both for us and our clients. As a result, employees are more likely to arrive on-site, and thus it is much easier to communicate effectively and build relationships. Sometimes working remotely cannot replace the feeling of being together. It’s also much easier for us to talk to our customers without background noise!

Of course, our image as a company is also an important element. We wanted to have our own headquarters in the capital anyways. We can have our mugs, laptops and everything we need at hand!

Another advantage is privacy. It contributes to freer work and feeling more comfortable while fulfilling our tasks. The crowd of people behind your shoulder is often a weak motivator to work, and sometimes your own desk can be your own island.

Inside, we focused on minimalism, open space and functionality! We are also ready for the arrival of more new bees, having provided space for them.

Our office in Warsaw is located at Topiel 21/8. We have metro stations nearby and several other stops, so we do not have to complain about transportation. We are also close to the old town and Vistula Boulevards, so we definitely have some really nice views in the area. And after work there are many great places around to relax, i.e. parks, restaurants, cafes, pubs and a museum of modern art!


Our brave bees eagerly built our Warsaw hive as you can see in the attached photo! Teamwork makes the dream work!