#tech_hive integration trip

Jun 30, 2021 | News

Our three-day integration trip in June was the time our #tech_hive needed. In the beautiful surroundings of nature, we were able to get to know each other better and do a lot of amazing things as a team.

Before the trip some of our new bees have not yet seen each other in person, so this was a perfect chance to get to know coworkers and make friends, especially for our remotely working bees. At the trip, there was a sweet competition for the best confectioner, and our whole team was on a canoe trip, which showed that agility is not only important in management!

We also built our “real” hive. This task was more suited for creative and artistic minds and also an opportunity to recall the values ​​of our company, which are:

  • Innovation – we look for the impact in whatever we do. Pushing the boundaries, improving, accelerating, making things smarter and better.
  • Passion – It’s not enough to know how to do things, we need to feel that they are worth working on.
  • High Quality – We do not settle on mediocracy. We always want to be proud of our work.
  • Relationship – Behind every technology, project or initiative there are people. We see them and we care about them. Always.
  • Trust – We have each other’s back. We have our customers back too!

We came back with smiles on our faces and with new energy to create innovations. The fact that we were able to meet the whole team, which is growing so fast, makes us happy and has built a much better atmosphere. And the next trip awaits our #tech_hive in just a few months!