Digital Solutions

Digital Solution Design

Going digital with your services and products is a complex and occasionally difficult journey. We will help you to set vision and preparing your organization for the disruptive digital business models.

Complex Systems Design

Designing and implementing a game changing digital solution is not a trivial thing. As experienced and certified architects we are familiar with enterprise grade designs and integration. We assure that business visions are well supported by your ERPs, CRMs and BI systems.


The implementation of digital solutions requires a vast range of personnel such as scrum masters, architects, developers, engineers, analysts, testers and many others. We assist you when it comes time to lead, manage, organize and implement IT solutions.


Emerging technologies shape our future, no matter in which industry we work. Areas like IoT, cloud, artificial intelligence, blockchain are a key for your organisation success. We explore and practise them on daily basis to bring cutting edge solutions for businesses.


Security is a must when it comes to every digital solution. But how to assure that your security standards and practices are valid and are enforced across the entire life cycle of your platforms, products and services? We preach Security by Design! We do this by guiding, enabling and empowering your individual teams.


Consider Blockchain as the latest integration method. It creates a foundation of solid trust between peers and the data, all wrapped up in powerful cryptography. This is what you need in order to automate B2B transaction among value chain. We will lead you through this from the blockchain sue case selection all the way to successful network implementation.


In the time when all businesses go digital, having your resources secure and available everywhere is key. Cloud brings you flexible solutions to build products, store data and use computing power. Knowing how to migrate to the cloud and include it into enterprise or product strategy may give you competitive advantage. Possibilities for cloud solutions seem endless like the sky. Our experts will ensure you meet business goals by using the most efficient and effective ones.

Industrial Automation

Industrial automation can often be the a victim of the biggest disruption ever. The convergence of both the OT and IT worlds requires redefinition of the tools and architectures used on shop floors. By bridging the gap between them we take care of the hard work.


Digitizing the existing, physical world sure is exciting but it can also be a daunting and sluggish process. We look at the IoT from a variety of different angles including the organizational, business, process and technology perspectives. Our experts ensure that IoT can be successfully deployed in your enterprise.


Artificial Intelligence brings solutions where people’s possibilities are limited. Through analysis of the enormous set of big data to the feasibility to predict behaviors and occurrences based on archive signals, it fuels your business with useful information. AI technology is key to if you want to incorporate predictive maintenance on the shop floor or improve your R&D capabilities in drug development. Our team knows how to implement this technology into valuable solutions for your organisation.

Case Studies

Check out how emerging technologies and our digital solutions work in the industrial environment!