Business Consulting

Market research

Organizations are part of complex ecosystems, where different industries collaborate, partner or compete with each other. There are various stimulus areas like politics, technology, culture that influence your market. We will point out the most crucial trends and mapp how your market looks like and more importantly where it aims to be in given time. We translate complex dependencies and data into insights to fuel your business decisions.

Competitive Analysis

Knowing who your competitors are and what they are up to is crucial. Together we select the main competitors for your business. Through deep research, we gather various data and insight to strengthen your strategic decisions. From uncovering weak points to pointing out possibilities to create advantages, you will get a full view of your competitive landscape.

Voice of Client

Value of the voice of your customers or customers-to-be cannot be overestimated. We believe a human-centered approach drives innovation. Our team will help you to find and understand the needs and problems of your clients. Even those they are not aware of. Insights, gathered through primary research, will ensure your products and services bring real value to users.

Product Roadmaps

Getting a product to the market is a complex and challenging venture. We align the vision of the various organisations of your enterprise. Through deep expertise and understanding of industry contex, we create a roadmap that supports both short and long term busiiness goals.

Case Studies

Currently our bees are working hard in our #tech_hive on the sweetest ideas. Check back again soon to see what they’ve been up to!

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