IIoT Gateway Platform

Tailor-made system for managing the manufacturing processes in the most efficient way. Single Gateway Platform to collect, store and structure all your data. Speed up time to market for Industry 4.0 initiatives. Increase flexibility and scaling. Lower costs of integration. All of that with one platform.

Data Connectivity. Simplified

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Industrial IoT Gateway is a complex system collecting data from various devices and different processing systems. It will gather all your data, starting from sensors through robots to the whole production line as well as systems like SCADA or DCS, in one convenient place. The Gateway collects, stores and structures data to send it for further processing and analysis where it can be utilised to bring valuable insights to your business.

Open Platform

Flexible customization and extensions required no programming skills. High number of ready to use open source and proprietary modules and ability to add your own extensions. Track and trace changes and component versions. 

Real-Time Monitoring

Easy and intuitive configuration which gives you full control over the system. Configure automatic alarms, notifications and rule-based automated actions. Improve production processes both in traditional and modern manufactures.

Enterprise Integration

Pushing Unified Data to the designated destination of your choice (Cloud, Data Lake, Data Base). Giving insights into your operation. Integrating with business apps. Support for horizontal and vertical scaling supporting high data loads.

Remote Troubleshooting

Remote access to robots and machines for service provider will shorten the downtime that we know is harmful to your business. The immediate reaction will allow to set the right diagnosis and do what’s exactly needed in order to bring back the production.

Use Cases

See how these solutions apply to real life companies and their challenges

Biomanufacturing Environment

Providing a Compliant Way of Data Consolidation & Integrity for Scientists

Production Line Monitoring

Enabling Predictive Maintenance Capabilities for Engineers

Training Purposes

Providing a Modular & Open Training Platform for future OT Engineers

Gain technology freedom

Pushing Unified Data to the designated destination of your choice (Cloud, Data Lake, Data Base). Platform was designed as open platform allowing for full configuration based on specific needs.

Edge - Cloud Connectivity

From many protocols that you use to unified one – OPC UA. Prebuild and Custom Connectors adjusted to your needs.

Edge Solutions

Build in historian with store and forward capability. Common data river based on OPC-UA and MQTT standards.

Device Agnostic

Software and hardware bind together as an appliance for optimal performance. Software components to be installed on the hardware of your choice.

Flexible Deployment

Rapid data collection setup. Extending capabilities on the go. Container-based installation model allows for distributed installation models moving components wherever is needed.

Security by Design

Data integrity using hardware secured component. Data protected with strong cryptography based on elliptic curve cryptography. Security supporting industrial standards like NIST, ISO

Case Studies

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