Our #tech_hive today has a round number of 1000 days

May 24, 2021 | News

It was a thousand days full of new ideas, inventing innovations, enlarging our format and finding new bees willing to create with us a future, digital future.

Thousands of presentations, demos, meetings with our clients, stand-ups and many hours devoted to creating the best solutions. All that closed in one mission: delivering meaningful innovation.

We also have many amazing stories that we captured, many friendships that were made in our #tech_hive and many solutions that were brought to life by us. We are proud of all of those things.

During these (almost) three years, our team, which started with a few ambitious bees with great passion in their hearts, has grown impressively. Currently we have over 40 people and we know that there will be more and more coming in the next few months. We also have 3 offices on 2 continents. These changes show that the last thousand days of hard work have been making our vision a reality.

Today we had time to celebrate what we create together as A4BEE. There were honey drinks, cakes and even a competition for the best bee costume!

May the next thousand days ahead of us be as interesting and inspiring as the previous 1000 were!

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