In Wrocław #tech_hive we start autumn in a new place!

Sep 16, 2021 | News

The number of our bees has increased significantly over the last six months and for some time our tech_hive has needed much more space. Not only did we open a new office in Warsaw during the year, but now we have a much bigger location in Wroclaw!

Luckily the move to our new place didn’t take long as the new office is only a kilometer away from our previous location. All the local bees helped us with the move and made the place feel welcoming right away.

Our new location in Wroclaw is in Wojdyla Business Park at Muchborska 8. We have few stores nearby and an easy commute to work. Our office space has increased 5 times and now we have our own cafeteria, kitchen and enough space for each of our current bees and those that will join us in the near future.

Our Digital Lab has gained a large and separate space necessary to freely invent new solutions and create innovative prototypes.

Spacious rooms and meeting rooms will definitely increase the comfort of our work, ensuring we have enough places for every bee on site. Now we can talk to our clients and teams on calls without worrying about disturbing anyone sitting nearby and social distance safely!

See our celebration of the new hive in Wroclaw in the pictures below!