Innovation made in #tech_hive by women

Feb 16, 2021 | News

Since the very beginning, values are important for our organization and they have been the foundation on which we base our work and relationships. We assume that value driven company is the key to develop valuable and long-lasting relationships and a high working ethic.

Our PM & Innovation Consultant Agnieszka Malawska says:

We are surrounded by a world of machines, intricate processes, fascinated by them experts; in a world that is changing so dynamically that you start your day by verifying yesterday’s facts with a better reality.

And quoting our IoT Engineer Irmina Chmielowska-Pawluk:

R&D projects is constantly going beyond the comfort zone. Every day I pose new questions, explore the possibilities of technology and prototype solutions. In Digital Lab, I work on concepts not being sure if they can be realized at all.

Designing for the pharmaceutical industry requires an understanding of complex processes. Working in the field that connects biotechnology, automation and IoT is a developing challenge.

says Iwona Ignaś – our UX Consultant who underlines how much difference she feels in her understanding of the technology since she joined A4BEE.

For our Project Manager Paula Brysik working in the field of technology and innovation is a source of not only satisfaction but also joy.

Technology is constantly evolving. Adapting to the changing reality is fun for me. Bringing modern Industry 4.0 technologies to the factories is exciting. Especially in the pandemic situation, when technology helps companies get through a difficult period and start a large-scale digital transformation.

Innovation is largely the ability to adapt to changes, the ability to ask questions, taking up new challenges all the time and empathy. And a variety of perspectives can only increase the effectiveness in finding solutions ideal for our client. We are excited that we were recognized by Forbes Women magazine.