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Biotechnology processes are more and more advanced. Modern techniques like personalised treatments by cell and gene theraphies, monoclonal antibodies and biosimilars give promise to better address global health challenges. Emerging technologies are necessary to accelarte R&D of those therapies. Cloud computing is a cost-efficient solution to store and analyse big data created in a lab. AI and ML lead the improvement in the manufacturing process and expand the research scope and effectivness. Technology leads to faster development and reducing the costs of research and production of drugs for a better future for milions of patients. We assist the digital transformation of biotech companies to help them implement digital solutions among their overall value chain.


Healthcare is one of the most important industries as societies are aging and the number of people suffering from different diseases increases. Nowadays, healthcare is more connected with technology than ever before. Patients demand services to be transparent, they want to have the convenience of undergoing their treatments with the use of personalised products. They also require their data to be safe. This leads healthcare companies to accelerate improvements of personalised medicine and the security of data. Today smart devices gather data about patients, which can help to improve diagnosis and treatment. The implementation of the newest technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Medical Things will help to adjust healthcare to changing consumer preferences and needs. Challenges of this industry are not alien to us and we can help improve the devices and services for the better world.


Currently, manufacturing’s main goal is to quickly adapt to frequently changing clients’ requirements by fast implementation of new technolgies in the production process. Not only does adoption have to be done in time but it also requires companies to focus on the costs of doing so. The implementation of new technologies can help to reduce a company’s costs in different areas. Machine Learning can help to predict the usage of machinery parts thus decreasing the downtime while introdution of AR and VR technologies will help to onboard new employees quicker. Knowing different technologies, such as augmented and virtual reality, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and more, makes us a perfect partner to walk you through the digital transformation. Thanks to our end-to-end process we will introduce industry 4.0 into your organisation.


The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is growing day by day due to the ever-increasing demand in its services. The pharma industry is going to have extra load as it is expected to produce more medicine for more people in the near future. Digitalization has been embracing almost all spheres of modern life, especially in the manufacturing fields. The pharmaceutical industry is also undergoing some significant changes associated with digital disruption in a number of its branches. Digitalization will help not only accelerate many processes but also prevents losing important data and optimizes the workflow. The Internet of things opens up great opportunities for the pharma industry making it less vulnerable to mistakes and losses. Thanks to the unified system of data storage and operations, the production and transportation of drugs will become much easier and safer. Manufacturers can get real-time information about the conditions, threats, or other key factors to help them improve manufacturing conditions and avoid failures. We help organizations to prevent data losses, control quality and operations, and increase managemnt effectivness thanks to digitalization and the implementation of advanced technology.

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