Finals in the category Parent-Friendly Organization

May 20, 2021 | News

We are proud to announce that A4BEE has been selected for the finals of the XII edition “Bizneswoman Roku” competition in the category Parent-Friendly Organization (Organizacja Przyjazna Rodzicom) organized by foundation Sukces Pisany Szminką.

We are extremely proud and happy as a company that we meet the standards of being a family-friendly enterprise. We attach great importance to ensuring that relationships with our employees are based not only on passion in what we create but also on trust and a high working ethic.

In 2020, A4BEE joined the Forbes Women Polska “Equal Company” program, which means for us a commitment to apply good practices and continuous improvement as a company.

Two points of the “Equal Company” program are especially addressed to employees with children.

  • Parenting does not rule out which means:
    maternity leave does not deprive you of vacation opportunities and raises;
    the company supports the woman in returning to work, including in previous tasks or providing an equivalent job, as well as adjusting goals to her situation;
    promotion of paternity and parental leaves.
  • Flexibility for parents which means:
    home office – everyone has the opportunity to work remotely with us;
    the possibility of part-time work;
    the use of new technologies in remote work;
    managers themselves take advantage of and promote these opportunities;

We support flexible hours and forms of employment and besides that we encourage workation, bringing children to the office, company trips with the possibility of taking along families and we exchange pro-tips for parents on our company communicators.
Our team at #tech_hive is constantly growing, but we’re committed to making it as family-friendly as possible. We understand that children are an important part of life and we value healthy life-work balance more than anything else.

The final of the competition will take place on May 25th. Wish us good luck and we promise to develop our company further in a direction that benefits raising small bees!