Equal Company program

Jan 22, 2021 | News

A4BEE has joined into Forbes Women Polska “Equal Company” (Równa Firma) program.

Since the very beginning, values are important for our organization and they have been the foundation on which we base our work and relationships. We assume that value driven company is the key to develop valuable and long-lasting relationships and a high working ethic.


Joining Forbes initiative is for us a promise that we put 7 good practices in our business goals, trying to improve continuously, and serve as an example for others.
1. Recruitment without prejudice (Rekrutacja bez uprzedzeń)
Job offers are agnostic, do not imply the gender of the candidate; we care for diversity in internal and external recruitment; in the recruitment process, at least one woman is on the shortlist of candidates.
2. Closing the wage gap (Likwidacja luki płacowej)
We monitor whether women earn as much as men in the same positions; we monitor the gap, the promotion dynamics and remuneration compensation measures; we already provide salary ranges and benefits in the job advertisement. 3. Parenting does not rule out (Rodzicielstwo nie wyklucza)
Maternity leave does not deprive you of vacation opportunities and raises; the company supports the woman in returning to work, including in previous tasks or providing an equivalent job, as well as adjusting goals to her situation; promotion of paternity and parental leaves. 4. Flexibility for parents (office workers) (Elastyczność dla rodziców)
Home office – the possibility of working at home; the possibility of part-time work; flexible working hours, the use of new technologies in remote work; managers themselves take advantage of and promote these opportunities. 5. Building awareness and educational activities (Budowanie świadomości i działania edukacyjne)
Mentoring for women and men; building self-confidence in women; coaching, development programs; support by the management of the emerging women’s organizations. 6. Counteracting fraud (Przeciwdziałanie nadużyciom)
Easy, anonymous reporting of irregularities and protection of whistleblowers; creating appropriate rules and training on counteracting mobbing, discrimination and sexual harassment. 7. There should be at least one woman in top positions (Na najwyższych stanowiskach przynjamniej jedna kobieta)
Massive thanks goes to Aleksandra Karasińska and Konrad Sadurski for launching such a program for Polish companies and putting a light on important objectives driving inclusive and sustainable working culture.