Business Continuity Plan for SaaS

To ensure fast recovery of business processes in case of any disasters or incidents, our clients wanted us to establish a Business Continuity Plan. It was needed to implement preventive measurements across the organization.






Dynamically growing international scale-up wanted to prepare the organization to respond to events that could significantly disturb its business. Since the timing and impact of disasters and incidents are unpredictable, the company needed to be flexible in responding to actual events as they occur and at the same time maintaining the best-structured process that could be prepared. The customer needed a plan for recovery of critical business processes and return critical applications and services to normal operations in case of incidents.



Delivered Business Continuity Plan, Contingency Scenarios and Business Impact Analyses were based on NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology Contingency Planning Guide for Federal Information Systems.) The Risk Analysis process was implemented according to the Information Security Management System (ISO 27001 ISMS).

Prioritized business contingency plans allowed the customer to execute overall disaster recovery for worst events that might occur. The business continuity plan has prepared organization in the event of extended service outages caused by factors beyond our control (e.g. natural disasters, man-made events) and to restore services to the widest extent possible in a minimum time frame.


The Business Continuity Plan has prepared the company for the recovery of critical business processes and return critical applications and services to normal operations. All Customer sites implemented preventive measures whenever possible to minimize operational disruption and to recover as rapidly as possible when an incident occurs. The Plan identified vulnerabilities and recommended necessary measures to prevent extended service outages. It encompassed all IT systems and operations facilities, among all sites and locations.