Our Referrals

We are helping companies from around the world and industries in successful digitalization. In our referrals you will find how we design and prototype digital solutions to bring values to our customers. Learn more about stories behind our projects!

Web Platform Security & Compliance Assessment

To maintain the performance and meet corporate customer needs, our Client has to be compliant with data privacy and security standards. To help them achieve that we evaluated the security and compliance rated policies, procedures and practices.


Reference Analytics Architecture for Life Science

To boost the creativity of scientists and digitalize capabilities along with products, our client decided to establish technological ecosystem. We delivered complete IT strategy followed by roadmap as a base for implementation programs.


Rapid Prototyping for Industry 4.0

In the fast evolving IoT world companies should effortlessly validate the feasibility of products. To address such needs for our client we delivered several hardware prototypes, followed by services and tools to allow devices for a connectivity.


Security & Data Privacy Architecture for Healthcare

In highly regulated industries such as Healthcare, ensuring security and data privacy is the primary challenge. We provided comprehensive assessment of Client’ digital platform, its architecture and processes in aim to established security and data privacy architecture.


Enterprise Architecture (Standards and Guidelines)

To improve organizational impacts through productivity, agility, product and service timeliness, revenue growth, and cost reduction client established Enterprise Architecture definition project. Our team provided a complete and common view of information, guidance, and direction on enterprise architecture.


Blockchain Strategy for Supply Chain

Our client asked us to explore possibilities of blockchain technology. We established Blockchain Strategy based on defined strategic goals and objectives to present applicability and impact for client business.


Business Continuity Plan for SaaS

To ensure fast recovery of business processes in case of any disasters or incidents, our clients wanted us to establish a Business Continuity Plan. It was needed to implement preventive measurements across the organization.

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