Blockchain Strategy for Supply Chain

Our client asked us to explore possibilities of blockchain technology. We established Blockchain Strategy based on defined strategic goals and objectives to present applicability and impact for client business.


Supply Chain


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The international supply chain company was looking for a method to quickly investigate if recent technology innovations such as distributed ledger technologies can bring any short or long-term benefits to the business. Customer wanted to better understand blockchain technology, and how they can use it to accelerate company’ digital strategy.

Business Ecosystem Transformation into Decentralized Network



We assessed strategic goals and objectives and evaluated blockchain's applicability and business impact

The Blockchain Strategy covered 3 main perspectives:

  • network governance,
  • business value,
  • technology feasibility.

The business model for blockchain networks (selected top use cases) included monetization and incentives models to generate network effects. Proper governance model is required to ensure collaboration between members. Deep DLT technology feasibility and maturity was delivered too, including Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Indy, Ethereum, and Corda frameworks.


Customer, both business and technical stakeholders, got an understanding of blockchain technology capabilities, limitations and potential applicability into a business. Company has identified which business areas across its ecosystem blockchain technology can bring business benefits and optimize risks.

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