3 years of A4BEE

Aug 3, 2021 | News

Even during one quarter, a lot is happening in our tech_hive and a growth is noticeable. Today marks 3 years since A4BEE started to exist and our mission to deliver meaningful innovations has begun.

We can be proud that starting on this day a few years ago without an office and with a handful of people, we managed to:

  • reach the number of 57 employees (and new bees are still coming);
  • locate ourselves in 3 offices, one in Wrocław, one in Warsaw and one in the United States in New York;
  • deliver over 40 projects for clients from 8 different countries in the biotechnology and manufacturing industry.

2020 has been an extremely successful year for us, as we managed to increase our revenue by 160% compared to last year. And our Digital Lab, in which our innovations are created, is constantly growing and it continues to provide new solutions for our customers and to our own projects.

From the perspective of people who have been in the tech_hive since the beginning and built it from the start, our future is even brighter!

Our CEO Łukasz Paciorkowski says:

Last 3 years we were focusing on building a solid foundation for our company. We have proven ourselves, customers and others that impossible is nothing and that what we do is driven by our purpose and passion, and how we do it is based on our core values. We have attracted amazing talents and we are ready to fly beyond Mars! Next 3 years we will focus on growth for our consulting division while engaging with meaningful and innovative projects across different geographies. We will also launch and go global with our new products targeting industry 4.0 and biotech. We will accelerate our sustainable growth and we will continue meaningful innovation!

Krzysztof Kaczor our Chief Operations Officer shares:

It has been 3 years of rollercoaster growth, 36 months of rapid and unique learning with improvements, 1095 days of searching for amazing talents who live by our values, 26280 hours of focusing towards delivering meaningful innovation. We continue, more excitement is coming.

And Tomasz Kośmider, who is our Chief Customer Success & Partnership, celebrates with the following memories:

In 2019 there were very few people with us, no office, and uncertainty was ubiquitous. Over time more talented and open-minded people decided to join us and our vision. Business partners trusted that a young and continuously developing company can deliver demanding projects. Now the uncertainty disappeared, strategy and goals took its place. Today we’re surrounded by amazingly skilled people, creating a wonderful place to work and a great company to cooperate with.

Karolina Marzantowicz, our Chief of Growth said:

I’m extremely proud about what we achieved in those 3 years since A4BEE started to conquer the world – small consulting company from Poland with aspirations to help the life science industry adopt emerging technologies faster for common good. But I’m even more excited about what is upfront of us. We keep our aspirations bold, we are surrounded by passionate, dedicated people and work with our Customers is fulfilling. Stay tuned to what we will be able to accomplish next.

What you can see is the growth that wouldn’t be possible without:

  • our dedicated, value-driven and constantly growing team a.k.a #tech_hive; in which every bee creates with passion;
  • our Clients, who invent the future with us and trust in our competences;
  • our Partners, who believe in our mission and value their trust in us;
  • our Founders, who turn their vision into reality.

We believe that by sticking to our values, which are Respect, Trust, Innovation, High Quality and Passion, the next years will be as successful as these 3 years before!